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Dr. Gwin Nyakuengama


Dr John Gwinyai Nyakuengama (Gwin) is a senior strategic policy and data scientist with over 20‑years of combined work-experience across Australian Public Service agencies and CSIRO.  Gwin’s expertise is in drafting national data strategies, costing, implementing and evaluating big, national policy programs using data tools like Stata. Gwin runs his own business, DatAnalytics ( ), which provides national and international, teaching and consultancy services in both qualitative and quantitative data analytics. Gwin lives in Canberra and spends his spare time listening to reggae music.



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Dr. Lydia Pikyi Cheung


Dr. Lydia Cheung is a lecturer in Auckland University of Technology (AUT) and an empirical researcher in Economics. Her specialization is empirical Industrial Organization and Microeconometrics. She completed her Ph.D. in Economics in the University of Minnesota. During her graduate school career she spent a year as research scientist at in Seattle.


Associate Professor Arul Earnest


Arul’s research interest is in Registry Science, risk adjustment and Bayesian spatio-temporal models. For close to 20 years, Arul has provided consultative and collaborative methodological input to clinicians and hospital administrators. The outcome for some of this work has been more than 165 publications in a variety of peer-reviewed international medical journals, including BMC Health Services Research, BMJ and JAMA and close to 20 successful grants. He is the sole author of the textbook “Essentials of a Successful Biostatistical Collaboration”. He enjoys conducting talks on biostatistics, research methodology and especially the use of Stata software.

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Associate Professor Erik Mooi



Erik Mooi is associate professor and area head of Marketing at the University of Melbourne. He is also program director of the Centre for Workplace Leadership (Marketing) at the University of Melbourne. His work is mostly in the area of business marketing and features topics such as innovation, technology licensing, procurement contracts, and projects. He has also published methodological work such as on latent class analysis and market research. He is also the author of Market Research, The Process, Data, and Methods Using Stata (


Demetris Christodoulou


Demetris is General Convenor of the research network Methodological and Empirical Advances in Financial Analysis (MEAFA) at the University of Sydney Business School. He is the architect of the MEAFA Professional Development Workshops on Quant Analysis Using Stata with extensive consulting experience on Stata in academia, industry and government.

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